We are a fully-funded, privately-held company focused on providing high-quality in-demand cannabis products.

Our ability to leverage our advantageous positioning and relevant business experience allows us to explore a wide range of opportunities, but it’s our agile way of evolving to proactively address the needs of the local and national communities we serve that allows us to turn those opportunities into something both exciting and sustainable.

Candre Cannabis - Sundre Alberta
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Our community-mindset approach to safe, sustainable cannabis business practices puts people first via strong value alignment.

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We're proud of the decisions we've made to address recognized industry challenges, and look forward to sharing, and shifting, our approach as needed.

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Candre Cannabis is 100% Canadian owned and operated and is commited to supporting local businesses within the communities we serve, whenever possible.

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Our team presents an impressive mix of savvy business experts and industry influencers, advantageously positioned to make the best of our opportunity.

We’re just getting started!