The Candre

Candre's brand new indoor cannabis production and processing facility is located in Sundre, Alberta.

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The Candre

Jesse Beaudry, A.Sc.T., EP, MBA, President and Chief Executive Officer
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jesse Beaudry

A.Sc.T., EP, MBA

Responsible for leading the development and execution of Candre’s long term strategy and the Responsible Person in Charge as defined by Health Canada.

Brittany Osberg, Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services
Vice president, administration and Human Resources

Brittany Osberg

Responsible for building the organizational capability and capacity to deliver upon Candre’s strategy. In her role, she works with teams across the company to provide strategic and operational advice on all people and organizational matters. She is also responsible for communications, social media relations, and overall administrative support.

Trina Burgos, Controller

Trina Burgos

Responsible for Candre’s financial, purchasing, contract /vendor management, and risk activities ensuring Candre has the financial strength to support its strategy. The core responsibilities of the position touch many aspects of the finance function from cost accounting for manufacturing to the month end close process, financial and management reporting, treasury and cash management, taxation, development and implementation of financial policies and procedures and internal controls.

Ronnie Hulley, Maintenance Superintendent
Manager, Maintenance and Logistics

Ronnie Hulley

Provides on-site leadership for facility maintenance, hygiene, waste management, shipping, receiving and transportation while ensuring the departments are capable of meeting production goals and maintaining a consistent, high-quality cannabis line fully consistent with Standard Operating Procedures.

Rachel Klapp, Processing Lead
Manager, Processing

Rachel Klapp

Provides on-site leadership for the harvesting, drying, trimming, packaging, fulfillment, long term storage and extraction of cannabis while working closely with multiple departments to implement an efficient, organized, and consistent processing system.

Polo Ha, Manager, Information Technology
Manager, Information Technology

Polo Ha

Responsible for project management of various IT infrastructure, application and compliance projects including strategic planning architecture and operations of Information Technology systems and services across Candre assets.

Tyler Martens, Master Grower
Master Grower

Tyler Martens

Responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the development, implementation, and ongoing monitoring of strategies and initiatives necessary to advance priorities in the cannabis production field. He also oversees the selection and development of genetic strains and seeds.

Geoff Whittaker, Cultivation Lead
Alternate Master Grower

Geoff Whittaker

Geoff has a acquired knowledge in Applied Botany and Greenhouse Structures/Environment and is actively completing the Prairie Horticulture Certificate for Greenhouse Crop Production. He is responsible for leading various aspects of the growing process.

Scott Laurie, Cultivator
vegetation lead

Scott Laurie

Scott has a Horticulture Diploma from the Olds College and supports various aspects of the growing process with a focus on overall plant management.
Gerrit Richards, Cultivator
Integrated Crop Management Lead

Gerrit Richards

Gerrit has a Horticulture Technician Diploma from Olds College, he has completed the Master Grower Short Course from NPK University and within the next year will have completed the Bachelors of Applied Science Degree (BASc) in Horticulture from Olds College. He supports various aspects of the growing process with a focus on integrated pest management strategies.

Marshall Walton, Cultivator
Irrigation Lead

Marshall Walton

Marshall has a Prairie Horticulture Certificate for Greenhouse Crop Production and supports various aspects of the growing process with a focus on irrigation and fertilization.
The rest of the

Candre Team

Adam Davidson – Maintenance Technician

Alex Patmore – Irrigation Technician

Beth Talbot – QAQC Technician

Cody Wood – Cultivator

Colleen Lee – Processing Technician

Erica Johnson – HSSE Coordinator

Eron Jimmy – Sanitation Technician

Jared Cockbain – Cultivator

Jenna Jensen – Office Administrator

Jordan Gotfried – Cultivator

Justin Teidemann – Security Guard

Kayla Hoecherl – Cultivator

Lee Breakey – Security Guard

Melissa Hunter – Shipping Receiving Lead

Natalie Blair – Accounting Administrator

Paige Fehr – Office Administrator

Ramiro Velasquez – Security Guard

Tanya Normandeau – Communications Coordinator

Thomas Campbell – Security Guard

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